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Review: Zero4U – A 4-port Pi Zero USB Hub

Review: Zero4U – A 4-port Pi Zero USB Hub Welcome to the first Raspberry Coulis Review! Today I’ll be here to review the Zero4U, a 4-port Pi Zero USB hub created by UUGear and whether it makes a nice accessory for your… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Audio Player

Raspberry Pi Audio Player Making a Raspberry Pi Audio Player is a relatively straight forward project. With its lower power consumption, small form factor and relatively inexpensive accessories, it is ideally placed for audiophiles who want to listen to crystal… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera Hack

This guide (which is also featured over on Cyntech’s blog) will show you how to use the Lisiparoi camera add-on to create a Raspberry Pi night vision camera using Cyntech’s very affordable Model B case.

Fix Raspberry Pi 3 Bluetooth Issues

Now that the Raspberry Pi 3 comes with Bluetooth and WiFi built-in, people (including me) were excited at the increased flexibility this offers. I was already thinking about using the Pi 3 in my Raspberry PiStation build so that I… Continue Reading →

Which Raspberry Pi Do I Need?

With a range of Raspberry Pi’s to choose from, you can be forgiven for asking yourself “Which Raspberry Pi do I need?” especially when planning a new project. Whilst each Pi is affordable and very capable, you do not always… Continue Reading →

I’m in The MagPi Magazine!

Sticky Post

Chuffed! Those of you who follow me on Twitter may know that I have been contributing ‘How-To Guides’ for the guys over at Pi Supply as part of their new Maker Zone for the last few months. This inspired me… Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Raspberry PiStation

What is a Raspberry PiStation? Well it is a custom retro games console built using an old (broken) Sony PlayStation and a Raspberry Pi. This guide (which is also featured over at Pi Supply.com in their Maker Zone) will show… Continue Reading →

Hide boot text on a Raspberry Pi

If like me, you have just set up your very own retro games console using the brilliant RetroPie and you have enabled your own boot splash screen / boot sequence video, then you may also find the text displayed when… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Project Essentials!

In my experience, there are some essential tools and software that any person wanting to tinker with a Raspberry Pi should have. There are no doubt more to this list, and I’d be happy to include these so feel free to comment below, but in my experience these are must haves…

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