Those of you who follow me on Twitter may know that I have been contributing ‘How-To Guides’ for the guys over at Pi Supply as part of their new Maker Zone for the last few months. This inspired me to contact The MagPi Magazine, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, asking them if they felt any of my guides would be suitable for publication in one of their future issues, and cutting a long story short, I submitted an optimised version of my recent Pi Supply Maker Zone guide, ‘Adding Push Notifications to MotionEyeOS‘, in the hope that it would be featured at some point in the future.

I’m in The MagPi Magazine!

After much anticipation, I am pleased to be able to announce that my guide has been featured in Edition 43 of The MagPi Magazine (March 2016 – the Raspberry Pi 3 announcement edition) and I couldn’t be prouder!

Check out Pages 48 and 49 in Edition 43 for my guide! It is also featured on the Raspberry Pi website, which also makes it even easier to copy the code and try it out on your own Pi yourself!

If you haven’t subscribed to The MagPi Magazine, I highly recommend you do as it is a fantastic resource. You can also download all editions of the magazine – for free – over at their official website too!

On a side note, this goes to show how amazing the Raspberry Pi community is – I have been a part of this community for nearly 4 years, and whilst I am a geek at heart and have a very good technical understanding of computing and technology, I had little understanding of Linux let alone thinking that one day I would be a published contributor to the official magazine! Therefore if I can do it, then so can you!