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When a shop-bought project is not good enough, why not do it yourself and hack something together? These guides from Raspberry Coulis do just that.

Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case LED Hack

Add 4 infrared LEDs to the official Raspberry Pi Zero case in this simple hack to provide additional illumination for the NoIR camera module in the dark.

Pi Zero W Soil Moisture Sensor and Slack

Use a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a soil moisture sensor to notify you via Slack if your plant needs watering.

Build Your Own DIY RaspCade

Introducing the RaspCade! A Raspberry Pi powered arcade machine that you can build yourself. Download the free arcade cabinet designs and follow our build instructions that were featured in The MagPi Magazine.

Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera Hack

This guide (which is also featured over on Cyntech’s blog) will show you how to use the Lisiparoi camera add-on to create a Raspberry Pi night vision camera using Cyntech’s very affordable Model B┬ácase.

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